We dreamt of a place that would reflect our values and those of an entire neighbourhood; a place where everyone is welcome, that would be replete with history and meaning.

BABEL is the fruit of a journey that began in 2015, a somber year tainted by the attacks that plunged Paris into morning. Amongst the chaos, we needed to imagine a refuge able to revive our belief in coexistence, both for us and for the next generation. A convivial space where diversity is richness, where cultures come together, where friends from different backgrounds can meet. A living utopia, whose ambiance and menu offer a window onto the world; where we can travel without even taking a plane. Around a full table of food, everyone speaks the same language: that of tasty flesh and shared pleasures.

Going against the grain of hyped-up joints, which can be snobby and soulless, BABEL prides itself on being simple and real, just like the neighbourhood of Belleville it chose as its home. Here there is a concentration of colours, sounds and scents that BABEL pays homage to with its simple philosophy: a short supply chain, a hiring policy in partnership with local associations, and cultural events that create connections. Inside these walls, we invite you to celebrate life, people, difference.

This is Belleville

A recent arrival in the neighbourhood, BABEL is committed to promoting Belleville and its inhabitants by working with several associations over the long term.

The beer is brewed in the neighborhood by Les Bières de Belleville and Fauve, coffee is from la Brûlerie de Jourdain, the organic fruits and vegetables are from Zingam.

BABEL showcases the work of local artists such as Rosatelier (patinated walls), 13 bis (mural in the restaurant’s bathroom) and Juliette Seban (15 meters high mural in the hotel’s elevator shaft).

To bring this multifaceted project to life, the BABEL team features Parisians who are passionate about their city and, thanks to the Refugee Food Festival, asylum seekers; a group of people with unique backgrounds and diverse horizons. Each one of us enriches the project with our singular history and our own vision of BABEL.

Local resources

We are firmly committed to reducing our impact on the environment, in our restaurant, our bar and our bathroom. At BABEL, we favour hand-made, local products, responsible and sustainable fishing, and seasonal produce. Our products all originate from a sourcing process privileging short supply chains and responsible production.

Waste is reduced to a minimum or composted; cleaning products are organic.

We defend responsible hotel and restaurant management.

BABEL has obtained the Ecotable label and is a candidate for the ecologically responsible Clef Verte label, to be awarded at the end of the year.

BABEL Network

Thank you to each and every one of our partners who bring their precious contributions to our project:

Atelier Daphné Desjeux, Refugee Food Festival, la Brasserie Fauve, les Bières de Belleville, la Brûlerie de Jourdain, Kodama, les Alchimistes, Natarys, Rosatelier, la galerie Les Temps Donnés, Bertrand Brême, We Gaïa, Frédéric Doncieux (NUI Béton), Gueule de Loup