BABEL has taken up residence in Belleville - a popular neighbourhood in the heart of Paris where every piece of wall tells a story and life springs up from the pavement. Mingling on its streets are tourists and Parisians, artists’ ateliers and bars, halal butchers and synagogues. Cosmopolitan, shambolic, generous, Belleville is a fête that BABEL celebrates every day.

A stationary journey just a stone’s throw from the metro, in a quiet pedestrian street, nourished by good vibes and good products.

Inspired by the ends of the earth and the next street down.

The rooms

The hotel elevator is a voyage unto itself. On the ride up, the Tower of Babel scrolls by, detailed scenes drawn in Indian ink visible through the glass booth. The doors open onto a warmly inviting hallway, where time stands still.

Cross the threshold into your room and leave it all behind. No screens, just a cozy bed, warm colours and textures, patinated walls, musky scents — a sense of timelessness.

Restaurant - bar

At any time of day, come and sip a mint tea or sample some locally brewed beer. Share a plate of tapas at the bar, toast an occasion with a nice bottle of wine, dance to the sounds of BABEL Radio. Underneath the glass roof, share a meal with your significant other, your family, or your friends.

On the menu: generous cuisine concocted by local Bellevillois chef Sofiane Sadi Haddad and the resident chef Haitham Karajay.