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7:30am – 10:30am,

Monday, 12am – 3pm & Tuesday to Saturday, 12am – 4pm
Sunday brunch, 12pm – 3:30pm

Tuesday – Thursday, 7pm – 10:30pm
Friday – Sunday, 7pm – 11pm
Cocktails & bar until 1am

Heading up the kitchen, chef Clarie Feral Akram has devised a dynamic menu, a bridge between cultures. Drawing on an inexhaustible reservoir of global spices and silk road culinary influences, vegetables have pride of place in Clarie’s cuisine: portobello stuffed with labne, Sriracha-glazed herbed rice balls or a hallah with homemade pesto. Meat lovers’ tastebuds will also be piqued by share plates of chicken yakitori
glazed with date molasse or spiced suckling lamb.


This is Belleville

At the heart of Belleville and Belleville in our hearts, all the products we serve are homemade or made a few blocks away: from coffee to beer, as well as limonade, syrups and ginger beer.

Here we’re all about hand-made goods and locally grown, seasonal produce - all the better to make them soar with flavours from around the world.

By respecting our environment and valuing our neighbourhood, our cuisine reveals its finest flavours!

Sofiane Sadi Haddad

Born and raised in Belleville, our BABEL head chef first trained with Gilles Bénard at Zingots and Raquel Carena at Baratin.

In 2014, he was head chef at Triplettes restaurant for its opening and first three years, followed by stints at various Parisian bistros to further hone his craft.

An autodidact who’s passionate about natural wines and bistronomy, Sofiane and his chefs in residence will be cooking up a dynamic menu of flavours from here, there and everywhere, taking our tastebuds across the world.