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Welcome to BABEL!

A range of services and special offers are available to you upon request: room service, in-room rituals, Made in Belleville experiences, BABEL radio…

The BABEL team would like to wish you a pleasant stay!

At your disposal

Find the tastes and flavours of Babel within your room :

· reverse osmosis filtered Belleville water

· fresh coffee from the Brûlerie de Jourdain and a French press,

· the exclusive BABEL blend herbal tea,

· and the sweetness of a pastry from La Rose de Tunis,

· The BABEL breakfast – 12 € – is available every day from 7:30AM to 10:30AM

· Early check-in : 20 € / Late check-out : 30 €

Ecological charter

In support of a responsible hotel and restaurant industry, we have put a series of ecological gestures in place that are designed to limit our environmental impact: 

· Please hang up your towels if you want to keep them for more than a day; only leave them on the floor if you wish to change them

· Please dispose of any recyclable waste (paper, plastic, cardboard) in the small bin in your room, and place any organic waste in the toilet bin

· The organic cotton bedroom linen is Fair Trade certified, and all our cleaning products and laundry detergents are organic and environmentally friendly

· We have installed water savers in the showers and on the taps

· All our bath products are natural; we do not work with single-use containers

We thank you in advance for cooperating with our ecological approach.


Babel Radio

Music and podcasts are in tune with the hotel’s cuisine and decor, recounting BABEL's myriad of stories for whoever wants to listen.

Discover BABEL radio's playlists at any time of day or night :


In Paris, we chase after time without ever really making the most of it. Days stretch long like marathons of temptation, between museums, shopping sprees and the excitement of discovering the city.

Treat yourself to a moment of respite in the intimacy of your own room with BABEL rituals.

Enjoy a massage or an essential oils workshop, or for the more adventurous, try a full moon ritual, a tarot reading, magnet therapy, a cocoa ceremony…

Pleasure in limbo for a fresh start.

Expériences made in Belleville

Belleville is vibrant and adaptable, while always staying true to its identity. To help you grasp its many hidden treasures, BABEL has developed a series of experiences so everyone can find what they're looking for. A street art circuit, a bucolic picnic, a quirky promenade... let yourself go and come along for the ride - we’ll look after everything!